My “To-Go” Guy

After completing our kitchen renovation a few years ago, I recall my husband David suggesting that we get “to-go” sushi from HEB, and yes, you read that correctly! I can’t exactly remember how this came to be, as you might be thinking, “Why didn’t you make something…you have a brand-new kitchen!” To this, I’ll admit … Continue Reading

“_____ At Home”

With more time at home these days, many of us have been taking the opportunity to shift our focus to projects and activities we can do “at home”. Be it organizing at home, designing at home, renovating at home, work at home, school at home, gym at home, and whatever else you can fill in … Continue Reading

The “In Between”

I’m incredibly thankful that we have this space to connect on a monthly basis—now more than ever!  My ambition in this space is to come alongside you in all seasons—especially those “in between” ones—not only to continue guiding and advising you on all things Real Estate, but also simply as a friend. When I say … Continue Reading

“Fun and Interesting”

“Daddy’s home!” …and whoosh I was making my way to the mudroom, dropping whatever I was in the middle of, to welcome my father home with a hug! While this is no longer a daily occurrence, it comes to mind frequently because it holds a very special place in my heart, as it is just … Continue Reading

Mama Smith

The Kitchen Fairy

Mothers have “a way of being” that speaks directly to our souls.  There’s a special way in which they communicate their love, support, and knowledge with us.  In my experience, my mother communicated much through her work in the kitchen.  Growing up I always remember the kitchen as a place where my mother served up … Continue Reading

A Call for Celebrations

Birthday celebrations are something that I love and, much to my delight, Hindsite 20/20 turns 30 in 2020! What’s not to love about having a reason to treat yourself to something special and out of the ordinary? Depending on your style, it could be something just for you, a low-key small gathering with family, or a … Continue Reading