Picnic Anyone?

Being the outdoors girl that I am, I’m a big fan of picnics! I’ve enjoyed many lovely picnics, but my most memorable picnic was one I took in Italy a couple of years ago. After two weeks of fast-paced tourism in five different cities, I began to slow down when I arrived in Cinque Terre. … Continue Reading

Kellye Hancock and Dad

A Time to Remember

I refer to my Daddy as one of the last of the great “good ‘ole boys.” Farmer, rancher, prayed the same prayer before every meal, always wore Wranglers and a hat, and had very gentlemanly manners. A John Wayne type. Daddy had a fierce work ethic and was always willing to help anyone fix anything. … Continue Reading

Staying Connected

This month’s letter falls at a time in our lives that likely none of us have ever experienced before. The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has altered the way we live our lives and interact with others. March has become a time of closures, cancellations and social distancing. The impact of this epidemic reaches us all in different ways: … Continue Reading

Shifting the Focus

Why does the word “goal” get such mixed reviews? When shouted as an enthusiastic “Gooooooaaaaal” by sports commentators at a soccer game—or yours truly following a game-winning field goal during the Baylor football season (Sic ’em!!)—it’s perfectly acceptable. But when it comes to setting New Year’s goals, “resolution” doesn’t always seem to invite the same passion. Personally, … Continue Reading