Inventing Time

To some, the idea of planning—and its big brother, setting New Year’s goals or resolutions—generates the same excitement as a root canal…perhaps necessary to avoid excruciating pain, but certainly not something anyone is jazzed about. Conversely, there are some that take great comfort in planning, goal setting, making sure that their closets are ordered by color, … Continue Reading

Another Lap Around the Sun

As my buddy TJ likes to tell friends on their birthday, congrats on another lap around the sun! The year is 2020—wow—and we can all take some time to reflect. While some folks may focus on the fact that Back to the Future predicted we would have flying cars and hoverboards by now, many people also take … Continue Reading

New Year New Goals

I’ve always been a goal setter, even at a young age, thanks to sports and influential coaches. When sports shifted from the driver’s seat in my life, I realized goals can be a part of all aspects of your life including family, career/business, health and wellness, and many other areas. When I am gearing up for … Continue Reading

Planning Ahead

Happy New Year 2020 to each of you! I myself am really excited and hopeful for what this new year/new decade will bring my family and me. I see it as an incredible opportunity to set meaningful goals and then to develop an action plan so that those goals become achievable. Acting on this requires being intentional with … Continue Reading

Shifting the Focus

Why does the word “goal” get such mixed reviews? When shouted as an enthusiastic “Gooooooaaaaal” by sports commentators at a soccer game—or yours truly following a game-winning field goal during the Baylor football season (Sic ’em!!)—it’s perfectly acceptable. But when it comes to setting New Year’s goals, “resolution” doesn’t always seem to invite the same passion. Personally, … Continue Reading

A Call for Celebrations

Birthday celebrations are something that I love and, much to my delight, Hindsite 20/20 turns 30 in 2020! What’s not to love about having a reason to treat yourself to something special and out of the ordinary? Depending on your style, it could be something just for you, a low-key small gathering with family, or a … Continue Reading

2020 – Happy New Year and New Decade

I am wishing you a Happy New Year and New Decade, the decade of 2020. The number 2020 makes me think of perfect vision and of my brokerage, Hindsite 20/20. I jokingly said to my broker, Charles, that maybe we need to change our name to Foresite 20/20, as having an eye toward the future has always … Continue Reading

The “Tree Fairy” Has Left the Building

I’m a purist when it comes to holiday celebrations. I like fireworks on New Year’s Eve, flowers on Valentine’s Day, apple pie and flag-waving on July 4th, and roast turkey for Thanksgiving. In our family, a live Christmas tree was an essential holiday tradition. I don’t actually know how the tree “appeared” every year, but no matter … Continue Reading

Lint Free!

This September marked Orlando’s 11th birthday and, as we celebrated with him, I reflected back on the festivities surrounding his first birthday.  At the time, Orlando was obsessed with firetrucks and firemen.  For his cake, we built a firetruck from sheet cake, covered in bright red fondant and decorated with windows, tires, and even a ladder on the back.  The final touch was a … Continue Reading

Austin City Limits

Flashback!  It’s Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m. and I’m riding in the car with my family to Silsbee, Texas to visit my grandmother.  As a child, I considered a 45-minute drive to be a road trip.  Road trips are the best!  We would sing and play car games like the ABC game the whole way… until we fell asleep, of course.  How many times did I look … Continue Reading