The Spirit of the Holidays

It’s that time of year where I do all the things I love. I slow down and spend time with the people I love, sip hot cocoa, wear my favorite color (red), decorate my home with warm fall colors (crimson reds, persimmon oranges, and golden yellows), delicately wrap presents, drive around the neighborhood looking at … Continue Reading

When Too Much Is Just Right

I don’t come from a “holiday lawn” tradition. My mom stuck to her New England roots with a single electric candle in each window and a restrained wreath on the door. The idea of hauling out a bunch of lights, getting up on ladders, taking it all down…makes me tired just thinking about it. But … Continue Reading


Picnic Anyone?

Being the outdoors girl that I am, I’m a big fan of picnics! I’ve enjoyed many lovely picnics, but my most memorable picnic was one I took in Italy a couple of years ago. After two weeks of fast-paced tourism in five different cities, I began to slow down when I arrived in Cinque Terre. … Continue Reading

My “To-Go” Guy

After completing our kitchen renovation a few years ago, I recall my husband David suggesting that we get “to-go” sushi from HEB, and yes, you read that correctly! I can’t exactly remember how this came to be, as you might be thinking, “Why didn’t you make something…you have a brand-new kitchen!” To this, I’ll admit … Continue Reading

A Crunch in Every Bite

Food is a “big deal” in our family. Being an Indian American, our family gatherings consisted of food (a lot of food)—spicy pungent curries, sweet fragrant desserts, and rice colored with saffron and turmeric. And believe me, when I say my mom was the “best cook,” she was. Some of you are probably thinking the … Continue Reading

“_____ At Home”

With more time at home these days, many of us have been taking the opportunity to shift our focus to projects and activities we can do “at home”. Be it organizing at home, designing at home, renovating at home, work at home, school at home, gym at home, and whatever else you can fill in … Continue Reading

Help, My House Needs Some Attention!

It’s been quite the year of change with modifying our lifestyle to adapt to the pandemic.  Many of us are working from home in our makeshift home office, creating mini learning environments around the house for our kids to be able to school from home, or entertaining extended family or close friends with safe social … Continue Reading

The “In Between”

I’m incredibly thankful that we have this space to connect on a monthly basis—now more than ever!  My ambition in this space is to come alongside you in all seasons—especially those “in between” ones—not only to continue guiding and advising you on all things Real Estate, but also simply as a friend. When I say … Continue Reading

Gift of Listening

The most frequent question I am getting asked these days is, “What is happening in the market?”  Since so many of you are asking, I am going to give you some updates.  Here is what I am observing in the Austin market: We have very low inventory in our housing market which means housing prices … Continue Reading