Stephanie Weitzner

Buying or selling a house is exciting and should be fun! When you have a professional who is dedicated to helping you before, during and after your transaction, anticipating problems or issues, and working to bring about the best outcomes at every stage, you can focus on what matters to you most — whether that’s finding your dream home, scouting out an ideal investment, or selling a property for top dollar.  

As a child of real estate investors, I have been excited about real estate since I was a kid, but took the long route when turning my passion into my profession.  My interest in advocating for clients initially led me to law school, after which I spent years practicing law as a litigator in New York City, working for firms both large and small. 

Moving to Austin and finding inspiration in this phenomenal city led me to realize that I wanted a career that was more engaged in my new hometown and I found that, when purchasing our first Austin home, I wasn’t ready to let go of the experience.

What I discovered at Hindsite 20/20 was a unique way of working in real estate that aligned with both my personal and professional values.  Working exclusively by referral means that I focus on my clients and their needs, helping my clients with real estate issues or questions wherever and whenever they arise. Moreover, I view myself not just as a realtor but as a real estate advisor, helping clients to not only buy or sell, but to strategize toward long-term wealth building with real estate. 

When I’m not running around town, you can find me at home with my husband and super cute kiddo, Zoe. I love languages (help me practice my French, Spanish, German or Turkish!) and I aspire to someday learn to juggle. 

Most importantly, I am never too busy to help! Feel free to call or email any time and let me know how I can help you (or those you care about) with any real estate needs.  

Client Testimonials

Stephanie is the reason we now live in our dream home. She is incredibly hardworking and committed to making sure her clients' desires are met. As first-time homebuyers, we had no idea how to even begin to think about buying a home. Stephanie went above and beyond to help us get educated on the process, find resources for us to read through, and answer all of our questions (and there were many!) in order to gain a complete understanding of what we were jumping into. Stephanie always made us feel like we were in the driver's seat - no pressure, no rush, and no insistence to make a decision at any point. I think we looked at maybe 13 to 15 houses over the course of three weekends straight. During that time, Steph pointed out all of the things in homes that we should pay attention to when considering which one to buy - many of which I never would have considered! Then, even after purchasing our home, Steph has stayed connected with us to make sure that we've been staying happy, healthy, and safe. Steph's attention to detail, work ethic, and unending support never ceases to amaze! I feel very lucky to have met her 🙂
Natalie Motta-Mena
First Time Home Buyer