Maria Romero

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Mobile: 512.987.3317

Navigating the real estate market is part process and part strategy. Once you understand the process, being successful becomes a matter of executing an informed strategy. As your advocate in understanding the process and as your real estate strategist, I will help guide you so that you can build wealth through all of your real estate purchases.

I love what I do! I bring with me a decade of experiences that help me to uphold a higher standard when serving and advising my clients. These include a degree in architecture, experience guiding clients through six-figure home renovations, and personal insights from remodeling my own home. I’m after taking care of you before, during, and after any real estate transaction. I want to become the Godparent of your home. In essence, think of me as the Alexa for your home related needs.

I’m after building long-term relationships. I choose to work only by referral because it allows me to look out for you and your best interest. My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations so that you will also trust me to look out for the real estate needs of your friends and family. With the support of my staff, the majority of my efforts and resources go directly into helping my clients succeed in the real estate market.

My husband and I moved from the Midwest to Austin to build a good life in the 512. We enjoy dinner parties, meeting new friends, and exploring the city. If you or anyone you know could use help navigating the Austin area real estate market or just want recommendations for living the good life in Austin, share this page or send me their name and info and I’ll be glad to reach out. Whether you bought a home with me or not, I’d love to connect you with my network of help for all things real estate related.