When Too Much Is Just Right

I don’t come from a “holiday lawn” tradition. My mom stuck to her New England roots with a single electric candle in each window and a restrained wreath on the door. The idea of hauling out a bunch of lights, getting up on ladders, taking it all down…makes me tired just thinking about it. But apparently one of Taylor’s secret ambitions of adulthood was to have a massively decorated house for the Christmas season, the bigger the better.

Every year, Taylor braves our perilously steep roof to string lights from the top of the house down across the yard to form a giant Christmas tree. I have to admit, once neighbors started sharing with me how much their little kids love to see the tree, or look forward to it going up each year, I started to come around. Now, when Taylor wants to add more “stuff” or mix it up, I don’t want to change it because I now consider it a tradition.

Probably due to frustration with my Christmas constraints, Taylor has set his sights on Halloween decorations. Over the past few years he has been growing his collection of skeletons to arrange in a graveyard vignette…and…well, ok…that’s kind of fun too. This year, because COVID has left so little for us to do, Taylor really wanted to go all out for Halloween. He let the kids pick a theme (pirates) and got them engaged in building our biggest lawn display yet, which included a pirate ship, fog machine, lights, and a candy chute that looked like a cannon for distanced trick or treating.

Again, maybe it’s because COVID has us all desperate for something to do, but I was blown away, and totally delighted, by how much joy it brought to people. Families would stop by, multiple times! Bringing friends! Letting their kids sit and just look at it for a while! It’s still a pain to construct and take down, but I finally GET IT, it’s about the joy of bringing a smile to anyone who wanders by.

Which brings me to this month’s Item of Value, a chance to win one of several car passes to the Trail of Lights, Austin’s light show in Zilker Park. Maybe this is an annual tradition for you, maybe you’ve never been, or maybe you have but you never quite “got it,” this is a great year to get in the spirit and gawk at the City’s giant holiday-themed lawn display, Austin’s holiday gift to us. Register at www.SociusAustin.com (or click here) and, if you make it this year, be sure to share your selfies with me via social media.

It’s a good life!

Hannah Vaughan
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Trail of Lights

My Item of Value this month - a chance to win a car pass to experience the Trail of Lights!

It's that time of year when holiday traditions abound. We know for many in Austin that means a trip to Zilker Park to take in the bright, festive displays and we're excited that this beloved event has returned to it's drive-thru style roots this year!

Click here to enter for your chance to win a pass for the Trail of Lights.

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Ready for Anything

We've officially hit that time of year in Central Texas where it's 85 degrees one day and 45 the next.

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