The “Tree Fairy” Has Left the Building

I’m a purist when it comes to holiday celebrations. I like fireworks on New Year’s Eve, flowers on Valentine’s Day, apple pie and flag-waving on July 4th, and roast turkey for Thanksgiving.

In our family, a live Christmas tree was an essential holiday tradition. I don’t actually know how the tree “appeared” every year, but no matter where in the world we lived, the “Tree Fairy” delivered a fresh pine tree to our home, as if by magic!

Now, my pragmatic husband is no “Tree Fairy”. He has a litany of legitimate complaints against a fresh-cut tree…the rising cost, cleaning up the “bazillion” pine needles that fall off (I think it cost us a vacuum cleaner one year!), and the logistics of installing the miles of twinkle lights (it’s impossible to find the ONE bulb that’s out, right?). I concede his many fine points of logic….but I REALLY, REALLY WANT one! Since when does logic matter for what the heart wants?

Last year, Len jokingly proposed an artificial tree. A FAKE tree? Are you crazy? Suddenly, it occurred to me that what I really loved about the Christmas tree was the joy of opening and displaying all of the hand-picked ornaments we’ve collected, and the memories they evoked – those from our childhood, from places we’ve lived or visited together around the world, those marking celebrations, milestones, hobbies, our unique sense of humor and gifts from people we love. In a flash, I changed my story about the Christmas tree. Now we have a “sustainable”, pre-lit, tree-in-a-box, that I turn on with a convenient foot pedal. No muss, no fuss…and it does a fabulous job of showcasing all of our “treasures”. I even got extra credit for compromising. A new, fake tree and a sprinkling of pine-scented “Tree Fairy” dust – and poof, a new family tradition is born!

I’d love to hear about your family holiday traditions, cultivated over generations… or inspired in the spirit of holiday compromise. This month’s Item of Value is a chance to win dinner and a movie, on me. Just go to and register for the opportunity to pick up tickets to Alamo Drafthouse and treat your very own “Tree Fairy” to a new, stress-free holiday tradition!

Have a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year. After all, ringing in 20/20 is what Hindsite was made for. I can’t wait to surprise and delight you.

It’s a good life!

Cindy Smith
Broker Associate/REALTOR®
Phone: (512) 426-2431

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