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The Kitchen Fairy

Mothers have “a way of being” that speaks directly to our souls.  There’s a special way in which they communicate their love, support, and knowledge with us.  In my experience, my mother communicated much through her work in the kitchen.  Growing up I always remember the kitchen as a place where my mother served up service with a smile, dished out heaps of encouragement, shared the recipe for gentle instruction, and set the table with her caring spirit.  I’m convinced that because my mother cared about more than just the food to meet our bodies’ needs, this is what made not only her cooking so delicious and satisfying, but also the experience of dining with her so enjoyable.

A few years back, my parents were down visiting to celebrate the purchase of our first home, and we were especially excited to share our newly renovated kitchen with them.  Without skipping a beat, my mother was in action, helping cook, clean, bake, and clean some more.  The next morning, she was at it again, working her magic, and hence the nickname was coined, she became known as “The Kitchen Fairy”—making dishes disappear and cookies appear…as if out of thin air!

In looking deeper, there is much effort and energy poured into these various responsibilities and what deserves to be acknowledged is who she was “being” in her various roles that made all the difference—she did it with a joyful, generous, and caring spirit.  My mother’s way of “being” through her service in the kitchen rippled out exponentially into the lives of our family.

How this takes shape in my life is that as I serve you and your home, in the same caring manner that my mom modeled for me in the kitchen, it is a joy to help you.  I gladly consider being your realtor as an incredible opportunity to care for you not only as a client but also as a friend.  Some have even coined a nickname for me, and I’m known as the “Fairy Godmother” of their home—making the ever-evolving real estate market fun to navigate and the best houses appear…as if out of thin air!

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It’s a good life!

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My Item of Value this month—a "choose your own adventure" offer to spoil an amazing mom in your life!

Moms are awesome and deserve to be celebrated every day, but it's great to have a dedicated day just for them.

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