Gift of Listening

The most frequent question I am getting asked these days is, “What is happening in the market?”  Since so many of you are asking, I am going to give you some updates.  Here is what I am observing in the Austin market:

  • We have very low inventory in our housing market which means housing prices are going up and that benefits our seller clients
  • We have low interest rates under 3.5% that are helping our clients to refinance their current homes and/or look for new properties to buy
  • We are seeing more people moving to Austin and that is helping our housing market stay strong
  • We are finding safe and creative ways to market our clients’ homes, such as virtual tours and safety protocols for our showings, and this is helping our clients feel comfortable throughout the process

While I am speaking about the overall market here in Austin, I may have triggered questions for you about your personal situation.  In my commitment to be your “Ally” not only in real estate but also in life, I would like to share with you my “superpower” – it is the gift of listening and really getting to the heart of your questions and concerns.

What’s my Item of Value that is worthy of your consideration during these unprecedented times?

– – – – – S P A C E – – – – –

Space to think out loud, space to share what’s on your mind or in your heart, space to ask questions that may not be fully baked, space to vent about a source of suffering or frustration, space to celebrate a joy you’ve discovered.  My Item of Value for you is a listening heart and a perfect space of possibility so you can give voice to whatever is there for you right now.  So, contact me to redeem your space token and reserve your personal space of possibility with me.  I’ll bring the tea (or other form of sustenance) and we’ll create a unique space together that is one of a kind, and designed just for you.

It’s a good life!

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Vay Patel


Mobile: (512) 755-9975

P.S. Remember, I am never too busy to help your family, friends, or co-workers with their real estate needs. Just call me and/or e-mail me their name and number and I will be happy to follow up with them.

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My Story

My commitment to my clients is to provide a level of expertise and service that exceeds their expectations so they trust me with all their real estate concerns.

My greatest compliment is when my clients refer me to their colleagues, friends, and family.

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Keep Cool!

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We all know how important it is to have reliable A/C in the heat of a Texas summer, and the best way to do that is to take good care of your unit!

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Annual Home Review

One of my ongoing offers to clients and friends of clients is my Annual Home Review. I'll gladly come to your house (whether I helped you buy or not) and do a checkup and evaluation on potential problem areas, home improvement review or even help you better understand market value and investment potential.

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