“Fun and Interesting”

“Daddy’s home!” …and whoosh I was making my way to the mudroom, dropping whatever I was in the middle of, to welcome my father home with a hug! While this is no longer a daily occurrence, it comes to mind frequently because it holds a very special place in my heart, as it is just one of the various routines I feel blessed my father chose to do.

Another routine he (and my mom) had revolved around our regular family dinners together. It is with much fondness I can still picture my siblings and I (on occasion) rolling our eyes as Dad would ask us his famous dinner-time question, “What was fun and interesting about your day?” Though this was not always our favorite question, I acknowledge his efforts in designing a structure to help us focus on the positives of our day so that it left little space for complaining.

In reflecting back on my father’s various routines—from his regular morning workouts and quiet time, to how he arrived home at the end of his workday and our dinner conversations—I see the intentionality behind the choices he made daily. No matter what had happened in his day, he was both purposeful and present in our lives. As an adult, I admire his decision to leave the negative situations of his day at the door. So, thank you Dad—while it might have been met with resistance at times, what you modeled in your personal life created a solid foundation from which we could launch our adult lives and continue to intentionally choose both our own routines and daily outlook on life.

If you have (or know) a father/father figure who models the attributes that help us build a solid foundation, then 2020 is your chance to say Thank You. As this month’s Item of Value, we’re celebrating Father’s Day in an epic way. Make your way to www.SociusAustin.com (or click here) any time throughout the entire month of June and register your father (or perhaps yourself!) for one of our unique gifts, designed to intentionally celebrate him. I invite you to share how he’s made you a better version of yourself. (P.S. Dad—I’ll never be too old to come running to the door to greet you with a big hug.)

Oh, and in case you missed the memo on our exciting changes—Hindsite 20/20 is becoming socius (say SOH-see-us), your Ally in Real Estate. We have a fresh, new look and the same strong commitment to help you live a thriving life, using real estate to build wealth now and for the future.

It’s a good life!

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Celebrating Dad

My Item of Value this month—a "choose your own adventure" offer to treat an amazing dad in your life!

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