Kellye Hancock and Dad

A Time to Remember

I refer to my Daddy as one of the last of the great “good ‘ole boys.” Farmer, rancher, prayed the same prayer before every meal, always wore Wranglers and a hat, and had very gentlemanly manners. A John Wayne type. Daddy had a fierce work ethic and was always willing to help anyone fix anything. After a nine-year battle with cancer, Daddy died in the summer of 2004.

I was blessed to have the father I did, and although I could continue espousing his accolades, he was as flawed as all of us. After his passing, I began a few traditions throughout the year to remember him and all of the lessons of life I learned from him. I reflect on all the lessons I learned from him, through his goodness and through his imperfections.

How we see people or situations is our choice. This has been especially evident to me during this time of the COVID pandemic. We have been isolated from our friends and family, missed out on major life events and, for some, are suffering loss of life or livelihood. And yet, in the midst of struggle and hardship, we can find inspiring stories to give us hope and support.

Many of you are blessed, as I was, to have an amazing father. Some of you had different experiences; some of you found the father in your life to be someone unrelated to you biologically. Whatever your story, I encourage you to honor and remember those men in your life, and I would like to help you do that with this month’s Item of Value! Make your way to (or click here) any time throughout the month of June and register a deserving dad in your life (maybe that’s you!) for a chance to win one of our unique gifts—from a Big Green Egg to a gift certificate to a local spa (and several other neat options in between), there’s sure to be something right up his alley.

Oh, and in case you missed the memo on our exciting changes—Hindsite 20/20 is becoming Socius (say SOH-see-us), your Ally in Real Estate. We have a fresh, new look and the same strong commitment to help you live a thriving life, using real estate to build wealth now and for the future.

It’s a good life!

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Celebrating Dad

My Item of Value this month—a "choose your own adventure" offer to treat an amazing dad in your life!

Dads are awesome and deserve to be celebrated every day, but it's great to have a dedicated day just for them.

Click here to tell me about a special dad in your life (maybe that's you!) and what gift you think he'd most appreciate this Father's Day!

My Story

My background prior to real estate in sales and education prepared me to be great help to my clients, helping them understand and navigate the ever changing Austin real estate market. I approach each transaction with the intent to meet and exceed my clients expectations. Beyond each transaction, my greatest desire is to build long-term relationships with my clients that allow me to be a valuable resource for them as a home owner or real estate investor.

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