“_____ At Home”

With more time at home these days, many of us have been taking the opportunity to shift our focus to projects and activities we can do “at home”. Be it organizing at home, designing at home, renovating at home, work at home, school at home, gym at home, and whatever else you can fill in the blank before ________ at home. You get the idea. Our homes have become versatile spaces we could not have imagined a few months ago.

In the Romero household, we’ve been taking this opportunity to focus on strategic bathroom and backyard renovations to help us increase the value of our property. We’ve also recently taken advantage of the current low interest rates by refinancing our mortgage. With the knowledge I have gained in the real estate industry, I am committed to practicing what I teach starting at my own home and, in turn, am dedicated to guiding you through opportunities with your home.

So, if you find yourself looking around the house wondering what projects you can tackle, I’ve got you covered. For those small repairs, you may possibly test your DIY skills with the help of a YouTube tutorial. However, if you do not feel adventurous in this sense, remember our sister company Hindsite 20/20 Property Management has a full crew to which you can submit repair requests online. For the bigger projects that may be outside of your comfort zone (be it kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, new flooring, etc.), let’s talk to make sure you’re considering the best products for the project and getting the best price from the best vendors to give you the highest ROI. Or perhaps if you have the need to declutter and are wanting to connect with a local KonMari specialist, I can recommend the best person for that job, too.

In this season, and as the Godparent of your home, my commitment to you is to continuously help you make “home” a great place. For this reason, this month’s Item of Value is a friendly reminder that I’m here to help you in the process of creating what you want ________ at home to be. One call can produce a trusted referral, a turn-key repair, or the space to think out loud about what is possible when we work together to take care of your home, your family and you.  Let’s jump on the phone/Zoom, or I can swing by for a brief visit to talk about the projects on your to-do list. I look forward to connecting with you around the possibilities of what you can do at home!

It’s a good life!
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Maria Romero
Mobile: (512) 987-3317

P.S. I am here to take care of you and yours when it comes to real estate. All of your family and friends will be in great hands when you refer them to me.

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We've officially hit that time of year in Central Texas where it's 95 degrees one day and 60 the next.

One of my favorite vendors, Altruistic AC & Heating, has a great offer exclusively for my Socius clients to make sure your HVAC system is ready for whatever's thrown at it.

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Annual Home Review

One of my ongoing offers to clients and friends of clients is my Annual Home Review. I'll gladly come to your house (whether I helped you buy or not) and do a checkup and evaluation on potential problem areas, home improvement review or even help you better understand market value and investment potential.

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